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FGN League
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The team defeats dc 2-0 to become the first ever FGN champions.
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FraggedNation Season 4 CHAMPIONS!

In a very exciting BO3 match against Icenine. iNvaders comes out swinging and manages to win the gold. This is most likely goodbye to the FN. Thanks for the fun times.
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iNv Podcast #5 with TWL Staff is out!

Stay tuned for our next podcast which will be announced soon. Presented by Rokis, Dragon, eKComm, and a new guest every show! Click here to view the latest episode.

NEW Discord

The team has done away with their Teamspeak and is now embracing the new and shiny Discord. Recently, we've been playing different games such as PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Quake Champions Beta, Rising Storm 2 Vietnam, and a few others. We're eager to compete, but in the meantime, we'll continue looking for the right title to focus our efforts.

Feel free to join our Discord:

iNvaders Update

Where have we been? Rokis, DZADragon, Necal, and two other friends took an incredible 25 day journey across Europe, visiting Copenhagen, Brussels, Amsterdam, Prague, Berlin, and Stockholm. A never-forgetting experience with some really great people. Now we plan for Florida this March 2017!

As for AAPG, we have been mostly inactive after winning the FGN championship. However, feel free to join us on TS as we have been playing Warface and may likely pursue it as our next competitive venture. Stay tuned for more, you can find frequent updates on our FB page.


Summer Break

The team will be taking the summer off to take a much needed break weekly scrims and matches. We are finalizing details on our annual iNvaders trip which will likely take place in sunny Central Florida. You'll still find us playing some AAPG here and there, but we'll also be trying new games and seeing if other titles spark our competitive fire. We look forward to continuing our competitive reign come Fall.

In the meantime, you can still find us on our TeamSpeak talking BS like always. Additionally, our FB page has been gaining traction, be sure to follow us for the latest smack talk.


iNvaders WIN FGN League Finals

The team put on an exciting show on twitch and went on to defeat DC 11-9 in overtime on Breach. Then proceeded to nail, hotglue, and effectively seal the coffin with an 8-5 victory on Springstreet, becoming the first ever FGN League Champions and consecutive league victors. Thanks go out to krux for streaming our match, and GGs to dc for a game well played. We would also like to thank wives, gfs, bosses, and main squeezes for putting up with our late night AAPG antics.

Be sure to check out the stream of the match.


Established in 2005. We are a group of driven players with a desire to be the best in the game.